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Easy, affordable SUBSCRIPTION plans
for our world-class hearing aids.

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Decide to re-engage with your friends and family

The Hearing Health Flexible Subscription Program is designed to provide access to InnerScope's high-quality re-chargeable app-controlled hearing aids, and certified hearing health practitioners, at an easy to afford monthly subscription price.  Don't let the traditionally high cost of hearing aids be the reason you or a loved one misses out on one more conversation.   

It's time to join back in, and
now it's easily affordable to do so!


Discover the Benefits of Membership!

  • Affordable monthly payments and easy access to InnerScope's world-class Bluetooth App-Controlled Self-Adjusting Rechargeable hearing devices!
  • One-time start-up fee includes 1st month subscription payment
  • Device upgrade eligibility after month 18!
  • No credit check required to enroll
  • Waived start-up fee at the time of subscription renewal.
  • Keep original program devices after upgrade/renewal or original subscription fulfillment!
  • Access to InnerScope's licensed hearing health practitioners for any assistance or fitting questions you have.

 Read the full terms and conditions of the Program HERE.


Select Your Hearing Device

PIck from InnerScope's word-class hearing devices, based on your
individual needs and lifestyle.  Click HERE for a full list of features and
product descriptions of both of our Hearing Aid offerings.

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